Using Virgin Media Mail on your iPad or iPhone

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hello My name is Sammy and I work for Virgin Media. Today I'm about to show you how you would connect to your existing Virgin Media e-mail address onto an Apple device. Today I'm going to show you how to do that with an iPad. However, it is the exact same instructions for an iPhone. So firstly, if we click onto the 'Settings' tab on the home screen. And we want to click on 'Mail, Contacts and Calendars'. So once we've clicked on that you would then see 'Add Account' you want to click on that one. You should then see a list of mail clients and we want to click on 'Other'. And then, at the top you should see 'Add Mail Account'. This is where we're going to start inputting your existing Virgin Media information. So if you enter your first name. And then your Virgin Media e-mail address. And then the password for that email account. So once that has all been typed in we can click 'Next' and then you can click 'Save' and then you will see that the account has been added. But just to verify that, if you go back onto the 'Home' screen and then we click onto your 'Mail' icon. And then going onto the 'Mailbox' menu. You should then see Virgin Media. Once you've clicked on there you should see all your Virgin Media e-mails. I hope this has been helpful and thank you for watching.