Setting up a wireless home network on your Mac

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hi. My name is Darren. I work for Virgin Media. Today, I'm going to show you how to connect your Mac to a wireless network. First, we need to check that your Super Hub is online. On this Super Hub, we're looking at the green light in the middle. It should be solid. On this Super Hub, we're looking for a solid blue tick right. The next thing we need to do is look for the AirPort icon on our Mac. It's located in the top right. Select the icon, ensuring that our wireless is turned on. That will populate with all the available networks. From the list of populated wireless networks, we need to select our network. On this Super Hub, the SSID or wireless name is located on the rear. On this Super Hub, it's underneath. This particular unit has two wireless names. If you see both names come on your laptop, we recommend you select the one ending in "5G", as this will give you the optimum wireless connection. Once you have selected your network from the list, we are prompted for a password. We call it passphrase. On this Super Hub, it's on the rear. On this Super Hub, once again, underneath. This is case-sensitive. It's all lower-case. This is the default password, unless you have changed it. We pop that into the Mac. Select "join". And that's it. We are now ready to surf the Internet.