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If you want to manage your account 24/7, there's a whole section online just for you. It's called My Virgin Media. Just visit and tap "Register" if it's your first time here. Then type in your account number and area reference number. You'll find these on your welcome email from us. Or tap "Sign in" if you've been here before. My Virgin Media puts you in control, allowing you to do things how and when you like. You can check your package, view and download current or previous bills, make a payment by credit or debit card, set up a direct debit, or find help and handy tips on all our services. It even tells you how our services are working, with a handy service status, so you can see if there are general issues in your area. Plus you can find out when we expect them to be fixed. You can access My Virgin Media by visiting our website online. Just visit


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Hoping there is someone out there who can help me, i have been trying to contact Virgin Media unsuccessfully for most of today, no one ever answers the phone? Just dreadful on hold music until the battery fails on your home phone? So try another home phone until the battery expires on that one and so on? I only want to talk to someone, and when i started this journey it was to discuss my account, but as the day has worn on i now wish to just close my account and be done with this sorry company. If anyone out the knows how or who i can speak to please let me know, that is if this message service actually goes anywhere.

Cheers Phil

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@thephilnewman  This is not a place to post account queries.  You should post in the Manage Account part of the Forum - link here:

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This is quite misleading, you cannot manage all of your account from 'My Virgin Media'.  Virgin will only allow you to manage in so much as they will allow you to manage, when trying to access promotions and package additions you will invariably be directed to a 'Ooops something's gone wrong page' with the advice to try again later or contact them direct.  It's been like that for years with the aim of getting you to phone to amend your package rather than be trusted to arrange your own, and even then when you have if there's a problem you will strangely find it virtually impossible to get through to them to answer your calls.

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I am looking for an email address for the complaints team, my compliant dates back to 14th February 2019 and have received no satisfactory outcome or even the most basic of courtesy of a call back from a Manager.

I have been promised a call back from a Manager for 5 days on the trot now and the only call-back from VM was at 4.25am  and then no-one was on the line. Let me repeat that time. 4.25AM. Waking the whole house up in the process.

I am going to the ombudsman as VM is in direct breach of our contract and their own service level agreement. I have even asked for transcripts of all my calls to VM as they allegedly record all calls for Quality and Training Purposes. Again to no avail. As a customer, I have never been treated with such disdain, rudeness and ignorance not to mention complete incompetence of all the team involved.

How hard can it be to provide a new handset to an overdue upgraded account. Unless a solution is offered within the next 24 hours, we'll be taking our business (Mobiles (4), Broadband, TV) elsewhere.

I DARE someone from Virgin Management to call me - they have my number.