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I appreciate the efforts for this problem but reaching a certain step and then advising to "follow the onscreen instructions" is not full guidance on what to do. It makes this video worthless as a means of helping people. 

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Nobody needs this video - it's a very obvious thing to do.

I've tried accessing my account but it won't let me. Try for a password/email reminder and it refuses to recognise my details. But if I try to re-register my details it recognises them to tell me I'm already registered? The same details it won't recognise for a password/email reminder! 

How about a video on that Nathan including how not to get annoyed by Captcha loops?

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I hate video instructions - too lazy to write it out so stick a naff video in place.

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NONE!!! ZERO !!! ideas work for me: I can NOT get logged in YES details I enter are correct


I have asked for help for weeks forum and other places BUT can not log in to my onlincan not log on.jpge account

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My account been hacked it says doesn't recognise any of my details or REF NUMBER IE: ACCOUNT NUMBER. its been like this for 2weeks ive rang virgin exsplained they said theyd send me reset link!!! DUH I SAID MY ACC DETSDET CHANGED INCLUDING MY EMAIL AND MOBILE NUMBER.. I CANT OAY MY BILL. So what have virgin done to help me!!???  NOTHING ZILTCH ZERO ONLY THING THEYVE DONE IS CUT ME OFF AND DOUBLED MY BILL! wth!!! 😤😡 Only been wth virgin since june ive paid over £600 for bills and i i should only be on £45 a month. Ive tv, broadband 50mbps. And basic tv. No mobile. Whts going on?? Im not happy thonkithof going wth BT. YOU GET TREAT BETTER ND THEY CAN UNDERSTAND MY LANGUAGE!! ALSO THER CHEAPER THER STRAIGHT ON THE PROBLEM IF YOU HAVE ONE PLUS THERE REWARDS ARE WAY BETTER YOU ACTUALLY GET THEM. IM STILL WAITING FOR MY PLAYSTATION AND £50 RECOMMEND FREIND. 



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My problem is an email that is NOT accessable through Outlook or VIrginmedia web site,I tried accessing through 3 different browsers, as the operator said it may be  browser problem and when I go to my profife -manage accounts, I get message 'OOPS there is an error', I get this on all browsers.

 I cannot access this email,I cannot Delete it,cannot do anyrhing with it, and Virginmedia have told me that unless I sign up for their 'maintaince package', of £5 per month they cannot help, which I refuse as I consider I pay them enough as it is.

 Where is the SERVICE we pay for!!

I have been with Virginmedia since the beginning (Blueyonder), and in the past have had a good service, but now considering other options


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While away from my house I can’t get virgin WiFi. In house it’s fine.  Outside I have everyone else WiFi but virgin. 

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Has this issue been resolved?