Login to Your Account, forgotten username, password

Virgin Media Staff
Tuning in

I appreciate the efforts for this problem but reaching a certain step and then advising to "follow the onscreen instructions" is not full guidance on what to do. It makes this video worthless as a means of helping people. 

Joining in

Nobody needs this video - it's a very obvious thing to do.

I've tried accessing my account but it won't let me. Try for a password/email reminder and it refuses to recognise my details. But if I try to re-register my details it recognises them to tell me I'm already registered? The same details it won't recognise for a password/email reminder! 

How about a video on that Nathan including how not to get annoyed by Captcha loops?


I hate video instructions - too lazy to write it out so stick a naff video in place.

On our wavelength

NONE!!! ZERO !!! ideas work for me: I can NOT get logged in YES details I enter are correct


I have asked for help for weeks forum and other places BUT can not log in to my onlincan not log on.jpge account