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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Welcome to Virgin Media. This video will take you through setting up your new kit, step by step. It'll take just over an hour. You'll see this icon when we think it'd be helpful for you to pause the video. Feel free to pause at other times, too. First we need to get you activated. [Music] All done? Great! Let's get ready for the install. For this bit you'll need: the splitter, the connector cables, the isolator cable, the cable adaptor, and the power supplies. You can pause the video now, while you get them together. Ready? Great! This next bit should take about 10 minutes. First, connect the power supplies for your Hub and Virgin TV V6 box. Connect the end of the cable with the black band, to the socket marked ‘wall’ on the splitter. All of our cables are push-to-fit. You can check they're secure by tugging them gently. Next, connect the blue-banded cable to the broadband socket and the yellow banded cable to the ‘TV’ socket. Finally, push the cable adapter onto the other end of the cable with the yellow band. Good work, now we're ready for the fun bit, installing your kit. First off let's start by installing your broadband. For this bit you'll need… The Hub. The hub power supply (it's the one with the blue label), the Ethernet cable, the splitter and the cables. You can hit pause now to make sure you've got everything. This next section will take about 30 minutes, ready? First, connect the cable with the red end to the wall socket. Remember to check it's secure! Take the free end of the blue-banded cable and connect it to the Hub. Pop one end of the ethernet cable into the back of the Hub and then you can plug the power supply into the mains. Connect the other end to the Hub. Then switch on at the mains and at the back of the Hub. The lights on your Hub will start flashing and downloading the latest software. When it's done, the light at the bottom will glow solid white. This might take up to 30 minutes. Right -- let's get you online! Your Wi-Fi network will be called something like VM123456. All the details you need to get online are on the bottom of your Hub, and on the little card. Connect your computer and any other devices to Wi-Fi. You can hit pause while you get connected. [Music] Okay one last thing to finish setting up your broadband. We need to reboot the Hub. Just flick the power off, and then on again. When the light comes back on you're good to go. Now we're going to set up your Virgin TV V6 box. For this bit you're going to need: your Virgin TV V6 box its power supply, its remote control, the HDMI cable and the cable adaptor. Feel free to pause the video while you check you've got everything you need. This should take about 20 minutes. You'll need to be up and running on Wi-Fi, so if you haven't done the first part of the video yet you should rewind and do it now. First, we need to connect the cable adaptor to the back of the Virgin TV V6 box. Then, connect the other end of the ethernet cable before connecting the HDMI cable to the box, and to your TV. Plug your virgin TV V6 box into the mains, connect the power supply, and then switch it on at the wall and on the back of the box. On your TV remote, push the input button. It might be labeled AV or Source or have this symbol on it. Then scroll to the HDMI port you connected the cable to. You should see a welcome screen. Now your Virgin TV V6 box will automatically test the strength of your connection. If there are any problems, just follow the on-screen instructions. Once you've got a good connection your Virgin TV V6 box will start downloading the latest software. You can pull the tab from your Virgin TV V6 remote while you wait. Nearly there… the update might take up to 30 minutes, so it's time to hit pause again. See you in a bit. Almost done. Last up, we need to get your phone connected. This'll only take a few moments. You just need to find the socket and plug in your phone. The socket will have a Virgin Media logo on it and the port is at the bottom. And you’re done! Nice one. Take a look at your Discover guides for more handy tips on your shiny new services.
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