Installing your Hub 3.0

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Welcome to Virgin Media! This video will take you through installing your broadband, step by step. It'll take just over 30 minutes. You'll see this icon when we think it'd be helpful for you to pause the video. Feel free to pause at other times, too! First, we need to get you activated. Make sure you have your account number and area reference handy. All done? Great! Let's get on with installing your broadband. You're going to need… the Hub. its power supply. and the isolator cable. This next section will take about 30 minutes. Take the end of the isolator cable with the red band and push it firmly into your Virgin Media wall socket. Older sockets might be labelled NTL or Telewest instead and newer homes may have more than one socket. Take the end of the isolator cable with the black band and push it firmly onto the socket of your new Hub. Join the two parts of the power supply together. Now we can plug the power supply into a mains socket. Then connect the other end to your new Hub. Switch the mains socket on... ...then switch on the Hub. Your new Hub will now download the latest software. It can take up to 30 minutes. Perfect time to hit pause and grab a cuppa. The lights on your hub should flash, and it may turn off and on again a few times. Once the white light at the base is solid, we can move on to the next step. Your WiFi network will be called something like VM123456. All the details you need to get online are on the bottom of your Hub, and on the little card. You can now connect your computer and any other devices to WiFi. Once you're online, open your browser and go to You'll see this page. Follow the instructions to register for My Virgin Media, a handy online area to help you get the most out of your services. Finally, reboot your Hub and when the base light is a solid white, you're good to go! And that's it, you're done. Nice one! Take a look at your service guide for more handy tips on your shiny new services.