How to setup your internet connection using an iPad

Virgin Media Staff
Video transcript
Hi, my name's Sam, and today we're going to show you how you can set up your broadband without using a computer. Today, we're going to be using an iPad, but the same principles would apply if you were using another tablet or an xBox or PS3. The first thing you have to do is open up your iPad and go to your home page. You want to chose 'settings' on your iPad. You want to make sure that you're WiFi is switched on. This will then display multiple networks that maybe broadcasting around your area. You just need to chose your network name, which is on the back of your SuperHub. So just make sure it coincides with the same number that you have on here. It'll prompt you for a password, again the password is on the back of your SuperHub. Just type it in, just click join. It should then take you to the activation page. If it doesn't take you to the activation page, all you have to do is open a browser, and type in All you have to do next is click 'continue'. You may get an error screen appear, don't worry about this, all you have to do is click 'continue'. It will then prompt you for your surname and your post code. After you type that in, click 'continue'. It will then ask you to chose a Virgin Media e mail address. So just type one in then re-type the e mail address to confirm, then click 'continue'. Next you have to chose a password for your e mail account. This is case sensitive. Then re-type the password. Then its going to ask you for your date of birth. Just click the drop down list and it will give you the numbers. It will then ask you for a security question, this is in case you forget your e mail password. You can then have it reset by answering the various questions. There's four security questions you can chose from, and just type the answer, and then re-type the answer, and then click 'continue'. It then takes you to the final page of the activation where it will display your username, your password and your e mail address. Its handy if you take a note of that just for future reference. Once you've taken a note of that, all you have to do is click the 'continue' button, this will then restart your modem and will have your broadband activated. Once you do this, all the lights on your modem will start to flash, they will then all turn blue and the modem will reboot itself once. The lights will start to come on in a sequence, top light turning blue, once this happens, give it another minute or two because it will then do another reset. After the second reset again the lights will lock on, the green light at the bottom will come on, the green light in the middle will come on, and the top light will turn blue. Once this is done, that's you, you're up and running and ready to surf the internet. I hope this is helpful.