How to pair Virgin TV 360 remote with your TV, surround sound and 360 box?

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There seems to be a fault in the software on the Virgin TV 360 box. We bought a new TV (TCL brand). It came with a Soundbar that connects directly to the TV with a HDMI cable (so this connects it to the TV for audio, volume control, directly). 

The Virgin 360 had our TCL TV in the list in the pairing settings, so we paired it. This worked perfectly and now the Virgin remote controls everything on our TV - all good.

BUT.... we keep getting a very annoying box every 30 minutes or so that appears on the screen saying “Virgin 360 has detected a new device, go to settings to pair it” (so it seems to be detecting the TCL Sound-bar). 

(note: in the Virgin sound system pairing settings there is no TCL brand listed, but we dont need to pair with sound bar anyway - it is totally controlled via the HDMI cable linked to the TV). 

My question is: there needs to be a way to switch off pairing on the Virgin 360 box once you have paired it with your TV ? (a simple on/off button in the settings).

if it can’t be resolved by Virgin then we will need to cancel the contract and get get Sky box and broadband instead. 

Which seems crazy really because otherwise we are very happy with the Virgin services and 360 TV box. 

Can a Virgin technical support person advise me if there is a solution ?