How to connect an Xbox 360 to your Super Hub

Virgin Media Staff
Video transcript
Hi. I'm Steven. And today I'll be showing you how to connect your Xbox 360 to your Superhub. The Xbox 360S has a built in wireless adapter and the original Xbox 360 has a USB wireless adapter. Although for best gaming performance we do recommend you use an ethernet cable from your Xbox 360 to your Superhub. So to set up your Xbox 360 wireless. What you do is on your controller press the 'Guide' button. And scroll to the end on the right. And scroll down to 'System Settings' and press the 'A' button. On this screen, if you scroll down to 'Network Settings' and press 'A'. You then have a list of options. The first one is the wired network which for now, we're going to ignore as we're connecting wirelessly. And to the right hand side your Xbox 360 should have already found all the wireless networks in your area. So what you want to do there is check the back of your Superhub for the SSID. You want to find the one that matches the one on the screen. So press 'A'. You will then be prompted to enter the passphrase. Now this again is listed on the back of the Superhub so we're going to enter that now. Ok, once you've entered your passphrase, if you press the 'Start' key. Your Xbox will then go on to network connection testing. Ok once that's complete that should be you connected to the internet and you can now get on with some online gaming. So if you press 'A' to continue. That's you back to the network settings. Press the 'B' button twice and that will take you back to the main dashboard. So that's you all set up ready to get online. Hope you find the video useful.