How to connect a Playstation 3 to your Super Hub

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hi, I'm Steven and today I'll be showing you how to connect your Playstation 3 to your SuperHub. The Playstation 3 does have in built wireless but for the best possible gaining experience we do recommend that you use a wired Ethernet connection from the Playstation to the SuperHub. This will prevent any interference from other wireless networks that may be in your area. So, on the Playstation, what you want to do is scroll along to 'settings', then scroll down to 'network settings', press the X button, and first of all, check that the Internet connection has already been enabled, if not simply press the X button and chose 'enable'. Once completed if you then scroll down to the 'internet connection settings' press the X button, and press it again. There's two options here, we recommend that you chose 'easy' as its the simplest method to connect. On this screen we scroll down and chose 'wireless' and scroll up to select 'scan' and press the X button. The Playstation should come back with a list of all network devices in your area, you want to select the option that matches the the name of the SSID on the back of your SuperHub. Press the X button to select it, and press right on the next screen and from the next screen, you select the bottom option which should be the default. Once you've pressed the X button, it will the ask you to enter the WPA key, or the 'network access key', this is also found on the sticker on the rear of the SuperHub. Once you've entered the password, if you hit the start button, and then on this screen, if you push the right button on the controller, the Playstation will check your network configuration. It then presents you with a list of all the options you've just selected. So, from here we press X on the controller and on the next screen you simply press X and the Playstation will test the network configuration. So that's you all set up, connected to the Internet, and you can get on with some online gaming. I hope you found this video useful.