How to Improve your WiFi Signal and order boosters with Connect App?

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I have been trying to order the booster through the app as there’s one room where we cannot get any WiFi. The app acknowledges this but keeps coming up with an error message when I try to place an order. It’s impossible for me to work from home or my kids to do their schoolwork and we pay for the high speed package!

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My problem also - just going round in circles

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This is the error message Download and register for our clever Connect app, and let it work out if something’s getting in the way of your WiFi.

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I am having the same problem - did anyone actually manage to order a booster and did it solve the problem?!


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I am also experiencing problems.  Am also thinking of changing suppliers 

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Either the connect App or the router is incorrect.

The Connect App tells me everythign is OK in every room but the router (SH3) diagnostics tell me I have weak signals to almost every device (including the phone with the connect app on).

I have a problem with the Hub dropping Wifi completely for a minute or so at a time on every device (so the Wifi is crashing) and the VM staff in the call centres simply back up what the router is telling them.

And they want to charge me more for the booster which the connect app doesn't tell me I need.

So the key question: Which is correct; the App or the Router? They can't both be right which means there is something wrong with one of them!

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Hi, I need a wifi booster but my new Hub4 will not let me load the Connect App to order the booster.

How do I get a booster ? very poor house coverage and also causes TV streaming to drop out.