Get ready for your installation

Virgin Media Staff


Video transcript
We'll be on our way to install your new Virgin Media services soon. Here's what to expect when we arrive. Our friendly technician can install your services in two hours, though in some cases it can take longer. Firstly, you'll need to make sure there's someone over 18 there on the day who's able to talk to the technician and make decisions about your installation. When the technician arrives, you'll see their ID badge and to protect your carpet, they may pop on a pair of overshoes. To begin with, they'll have a chat about where your Virgin Media kit will go, so that it gives you the best service and suits your needs. Where you place your hub can affect the WiFi speeds you get, so ideally it shouldn't sit next to wireless speakers, baby monitors or fish tanks. Sorry, Nemo. Some things can also affect whether you get WiFi in every part of your home, like thick walls in older homes or insulation in new homes, so if you need to, you can choose to buy a WiFi booster to make sure there's WiFi everywhere you want it. Once that's sorted, the installation can begin. If your home has had Virgin Media services before, you should have one of these cable wall boxes ready to connect. If not, we'll need to drill a hole in your wall and connect everything up through a cable. Depending on which services you've chosen, they'll then connect your kit, activate your broadband, and test your phone line. You can normally keep your old number or we'll give you a new one. Finally, they show you how the whole thing works. Ta-da! Before they leave, they'll tidy up nicely, give you a welcome pack to your new services and run through a check list to tell you what they've done. Then you can sign off the work. Job done. Welcome to Virgin Media.