Connecting your iPad or iPhone to your Super Hub

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hi I'm Vicky from Virgin Media and I'm here today to help you set up your wireless network on your iPhone and your iPad. These settings will work on both but today I'm only going to show you on the iPad. OK, so what we're going to need to do is go onto your 'Home' screen and go into 'Settings' and then on the left hand side of that page, close to that top you've got an option for 'Wi-Fi'. And then on the right hand side of the page, at the very top it'll say Wi-Fi and either 'Off' and 'On' beside it. If it says 'Off' use the little slider and that'll bring it on for you. Then you should have a list of wireless network names in your area. If you have a look on the back of your Superhub you'd be able to find your name there. And just match it up with one on the screen. Once you've selected it there it will ask you for your password which, again, is on the back of your Superhub. Ok, so you just type that in there. And then in the top right hand corner of that box you've got an option for 'Join'. So if you select that. It'll take a couple of seconds to connect. There we go. Now you're all connected and ready to go. I hope you found this video useful.