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Why can't I connect to the Internet

Why can't I connect to the Internet?

Can’t connect to the internet? Here’s a checklist of things to try to help you diagnose, and maybe even fix the problem.

  1. Check to see if there's a known fault with the service
    The first thing to do is find out if there’s a known network outage (because of planned maintenance, for example,). You'll need to have access to another internet connection to do this. You can also run some basic checks to try and fix the problem, and even book an engineer online if needed.

Go to our Service status area here(available 24/7), and follow the on-screen instructions. Or, if you don't have access to another internet connection, you can get live service updates by calling 0800 561 0061.

By the way, if you have more than one account with us, and so use more than one modem or Hub, you’ll need the MAC addresses of the devices. You can find these on the label on the underside of the modem or Hub.

  1. Try to connect to another web site
    If you can connect to other web sites, the problem will almost certainly be with the web site that returned the error message. Double check that you have the right web site address, and have spelt it correctly.
  2. Check and restart your computer and broadband equipment
  • Can't access any web sites? It's always worth checking that power leads and cables are in place to and from your broadband equipment are securely connected.
  • Are you using a modem and router? Try disconnecting your computer from the router, restarting the modem, and then connecting your computer direct to the modem. If you still can't connect, restart both the modem and your computer.

Need help with equipment or services not supplied by us?

If you're still having trouble connecting to the internet, and our technical support staff can't help because we didn't supply the equipment causing the problem, why not call Gadget Rescue on 0800 014 7398, and speak to one of our technical experts?