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What features can I get with my phone

Virgin Phone offers a wide variety of great features to save you time, money and effort. Some of these features are free, and some carry a small subscription charge.

Calling Features

There may be a charge for some of these features. Click here for details of these

 Calling Features


Number Withhold (141)

Want to withhold your phone number? Just dial 141 followed by the number you’re calling. That way, when you make a call, it won't display your number or reveal it if the person uses Last Number Recall.

Permanent Number Withhold (1470)

Keeps your number private - every time you make a call. Ask our customer care team to set it up for you (even if you're ex-directory). If you do want to leave your number, dial 1470 before you make the call.

Free Voicemail  

Most Virgin Phone customers have a voicemail service.  And, the best thing is.  – it’s free! It's easy to set it up. Just give us a call. For contact details, click here

CLI erasure

Want to conceal the number of your last incoming call? Just use CLI erasure. Dial 1475 and when you hear a short tone, hang up. If your own number is withheld, dial 1470 before dialling 1475. You'll get a call back within a minute. Pick up, dial 1471 and you'll find that the number that called has been replaced by ''number withheld'.

Voicemail Plus

Access your messages from anywhere.

Call Divert

Divert your calls to another number.

Ring Back When Free

Your phone will ring when an engaged number becomes free.

Call Waiting

Know when someone’s trying to get through when you're on the phone.

3-Way Calling

Lets three people chat at the same time.

Quick Dial

No need to remember numbers you use regularly.

Call Barring

Bar different types of outgoing calls.

Reminder Call

Get a personal alarm call within the next 24 hours.

Multiple Reminder Call

Get a regular alarm call at a certain time of day, on certain days of the week.

Caller Display

Lets you see who's calling before you answer.

Anonymous Caller Rejection

Blocks calls from withheld numbers.

Last Number Recall (1471)

Lets you know the last number that called you and allows you to return the call. A charge sometimes applies for returning the call.

  1. Some calling features don't work together. For more information please check our phone guide.
  2. Most customers can get these features, but availability depends on where you live.

Want to know more about these features?

The Phone User Guide contains everything you need to know about using your Virgin Phone. To make things easier we've put everyone in colour zones, so you can make sure that the information in the Phone User Guide is right for your phone line. If you are a Virgin Phone customer, just call 1765 to find out what zone you're in - it's as easy as that!

Is your phone compatible?

Before enabling call features, just follow these few steps to make sure you’re ready to go:

  • It needs to be to a touch tone phone to get our calling features.
  • Has it got the *, # and Recall (R) buttons? You’ll need these too.
  • If your phone can switch between tone and pulse dialling, set it to MF or DTMF or Tone.
  • You’ll also need to make sure it’s set to Time Break Recall (TBR).

Not sure where these buttons are? Have a look on the bottom or side of the phone’s base, or  look through the manufacturer’s manual that came with your phone.


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