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How do I Fix Sound and Picture Problems on my TiVo®

How do I get rid of the bars on my screen?

These bars could have been added by the TV channel broadcaster, your set top box or TV. To make sure it's not a TiVo setting you'll need to check two of the settings:

Make sure your TV Aspect Ratio is set correctly. Press Home on your TiVo remote, then select Help & Settings > Settings > Video then TV Aspect Ratio. Make sure it's set for the type of TV you have.

When you’re watching older programmes you may find that there are bars down the left and right of the screen.

You can change this for SD channels by changing the Aspect Correction Mode. We normally recommend setting this is set to Panel as this makes sure that all programmes are shown by TiVo without any alteration. If you change this to Full Screen or Zoom the picture is altered to fill the TV screen.

If you’re watching an older programme on an HD channel, you won’t be able to remove the bars, as these are part of the picture received from the broadcaster.

If you can’t make the changes you wish, check your TV’s manual for further picture options.

The picture and sound are out of sync

Try changing channels, then switch back again.

  • Press Back on your remote to try and re-sync.
  • Go to the Home screen, then press TV to go back to live TV.
  • Check that all your cable connections are plugged in properly

If none of these work, Reboot your TiVo® by turning the box off by going to Help & Settings > Clear or Reset TiVo® > Restart TiVo®, and then follow the onscreen instructions 

My TV’s picture has frozen?

Try changing channels a few times.

PressPause on your remote, then pressPlay .

If this doesn’t work, restart your Virgin Media TiVo box.

I’m not getting a picture on my TV anymore

See No TV picture when using a TiVo box if you've lost your picture.

No sound on some recordings

If you're getting no sound on recordings from some HD channels when using external sound equipment connected via an optical connection, like an amp or surround sound system, change the audio setting from Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital to PCM.

To change this setting on your TiVo box, press Home on your TiVo remote then select Help & Settings > Settings > Audio > Dolby Digital > Dolby Digital to PCM.

If you have an HDMI input on your external sound equipment, you may find changing to this connection also restores sound.

Recordings from the following list of HD channels may be affected:

HD Channel


Animal Planet

BBC 1 England and Scotland




BT Sports 1

BT Sports 2

BT Sports Europe

Cartoon Net



Channel 4

Channel Five

Comedy Central







Eurosport 2

Film Four



More 4


MTV Live

Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild

NHK World


Sky Action

Sky Arts 1

Sky Comedy

Sky Crime Thriller

Sky Drama+Romance

Sky Family

Sky Living

Sky Modern Greats

Sky Cinema Disney

Sky Cinema Indie/Select

Sky News

Sky One

Sky Premier

Sky Scifi

Sky Showcase

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3

Sky Sports 4

Sky Sports 5

Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports News HQ






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