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unstable bitrate/dropped frames in OBS when streaming to Twitch

Joining in

Hi all, 

I'm having issues when streaming to Twitch from OBS - it's a bit inconsistent but does seem to be getting worse as time goes on so would appreciate any help that I can get here. Not sure if it's a VM issue or not, but I've not changed anything on my end so not sure what would have caused it!

Basically, when I stream at the moment I get periods where it's fine, say for about 30 seconds, and then for about 10 seconds it'll drop from 60fps to 20fps and I'll drop loads of frames, and then repeats. Sometimes this happens for the duration of the stream, sometimes it'll stop partway through, sometimes it'll start playing up again and sometimes it'll be absolutely fine all the way through, although the latter is sadly getting rarer as time goes on. 

I've not changed anything on OBS for months now beyond lowering the bitrate in a hope that this would help the issues, but it's had no effect really. I've not noticed any issues elsewhere with my Internet connection, and my wife says the same, it's only streaming that seems to be a problem. 

I checked on the status page to see if there were any broadband issues in my area and it said there were none, but when I then ran a test yesterday and earlier today it said there were in fact issues in my area. If I try and run a test now, it says I can't run a test and to try again later! 

If there are any scans or logs or whatever I can run to get further info that might help diagnose any issues then please let me know, happy to go get them. If you need any further info then just let me know. 





Samknows Realspeed

Speed test the service to a Router mode Hub(3/4/5) + your device with the link below.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats. ( jitter / latency / packet loss & upstream rates )

The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.

By a considerable distance Twitch and MS Teams are the platforms attracting most complaints.

Where a working VM connection exists, many reported issues of packet loss and bandwidth throttling are down to the target platform's load balancing behaviours and not to do with the link between the customer's home and the local VM data centres.