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"Your area is not oversubscribed...honestly"

On our wavelength


Could somebody please explain how the clear spikes in latency at 3pm and 6pm do not correspond with oversubscription? The above is for about a previous Sunday:


I have been told repeatedly that the area is not oversubscribed. Can somebody from Virgin please explain to me why my connection becomes unreliable at the same time every day, especially on the weekends...


Remember with VM's rip off price rises you now have the chance to get shot of them under contract, I would seriously consider it.

More areas are being upgraded by Cityfibre etc which is thankfully going to put an end to the superfast broadband monoply that VM have had for years.

On our wavelength

Thanks for the thread. A good roadmap how to address my problem. Internet (1).png

Hey @yobama,

Thanks for posting to us here, I can see you have created another thread already in which my colleague has responded to you, if you would like to check there they can assist further.