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"Your area is not oversubscribed...honestly"

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Could somebody please explain how the clear spikes in latency at 3pm and 6pm do not correspond with oversubscription? The above is for about a previous Sunday:


I have been told repeatedly that the area is not oversubscribed. Can somebody from Virgin please explain to me why my connection becomes unreliable at the same time every day, especially on the weekends...


@AlfieJPalmer wrote:
Yeah - I agree with all of your points. Especially with the blatant advertising lies such as: "Best Broadband for Gaming | Virgin Media"

Yes indeed, but of course that statement in itself, is meaningless, define ‘gaming’, define ‘best’, you can download ‘Farmville’ faster than on BT? Well yes OK true; but not what most people would assume.

The latency issues are mainly on the upstream connections for reasons entirely due to the way that the underlaying technology works, and you will notice that VM never, ever, make any claims about the upstream performance or indeed latency, it is always ‘download speeds faster than any other …….’

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In the same boat here


Same problem here IP1

@Tractorboy You're probably right, but there's maybe just a tiny glimmer of hope - not all of these cases are over-utilisation, you might want to start your own thread, post up your hub status data, and we'll see if we can spot anything.  There's some aspects of your BQM make me wonder if you've got a noise or power problem that's simply more pronounced when the network is busy.  Don't get your hopes up, but worth a try. 

All other BQM's so far posted in this thread, I don't hold out that faint glimmer, I reckon those show over-utilisation pure and simple. 

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Would it be possible to pleae get a comment from somebody officially working for VM on this?

There are a fair few replies on here with very similar looking graphs to mine. A definitive yes or no to the question "Is this deemed to be an acceptable network performance within VM parameters?" is really all I need.

Paradoxically, the above-inflation price hike may well be my ticket out of this contract hastle-free.

@Andrew-G, thank you again for your always insightful responses!

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Anyone from Virgin able to comment?

Hey @TOGAPower,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you're having with your connection.

I have been able to locate your account and have checked over all systems we have with regards to your broadband and all are showing as working fine.

Can you confirm if you're still having issues with this?


Alessandro Volta

@Martin_N wrote:

I have been able to locate your account and have checked over all systems we have with regards to your broadband and all are showing as working fine.

Like pouring water in a bucket with a hole in it and saying the bucket holds water you just need to top it up.


Hi Martin,

I can confirm, still having issues.


The consistently high maximum latency throughout the day, but especially after 4pm makes any real-time internet usage unreliable and infeasable for large parts of the prime day time. Unfortunatly becoming nocturnal and working from 1am to 8am is not feasable either.

What is the next step?