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laggy connection / poor upload download speed


ive had the M500 package for a good couple of months , the Past 6/7 weeks my connections speeds haven’t been horrendous and I’m not too sure why?. My main issue is the PS4 as everything seems to be delayed and laggy. but I have tested speeds on all other devices and also have the same problem 

im on a wireless connection and it’s only recently that this problem arose.

i have my hub in its ‘happy place’ - I’ve done numerous test and the speeds seem to vary each time. majority of the time it seems to be from about 10mbps-15mbps but for about 10 minutes it’ll fly up to about 60-90 mbps with a download speed of atleast 25-35mbps. 

ive disconnected some devices connected to the WiFi which seemed to help even after I did that the speeds STILL went back to around 15mbps with a  download speed of about 5mbs - I used the app suggest ‘Speedtest by ookla’

ive rebooted reset several times no help , I’ve called customer services who says ‘my speeds are fine’ but that’s not the case.

can someone PLEASE suggest something for me

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