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lag spikes

i recently have been noticing some lag spikes while playing online games so naturally i have tried restarting everything which hasn't fixed it i'm not good when it comes to network and internet stuff so i'm going to post some info here and see what you guys think bqm 2.png

other days there is alot of red aswell this is just most the most recent one 


12990000005.540256 qam21
2323000000540256 qam24
33150000005.140256 qam23
43070000005.540256 qam22
52910000005.340256 qam20
62830000005.140256 qam19
72750000005.140256 qam18
82670000005.140256 qam17
92590000005.440256 qam16
102510000005.540256 qam15
112430000005.840256 qam14
12235000000640256 qam13
132270000006.140256 qam12
142190000006.440256 qam11
152110000006.540256 qam10
16203000000740256 qam9
17195000000740256 qam8
181870000007.440256 qam7
191790000007.438256 qam6
201710000007.538256 qam5
211630000007.338256 qam4
22155000000738256 qam3
23147000000738256 qam2
241390000006.338256 qam1



12580000036.3512032 qam4
23260000037.5512064 qam3
33940000038.5512064 qam2
44620000039512064 qam1


hopefully it is a simple fix or just my area playing up or something like that 

all of this is on a wired connection as well and on a super hub 3

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Re: lag spikes

I'm sorry to hear about this kris3343,


I've located your details and everything appears to be within range at the moment.


How have things been since posting?



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