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Xbox ping issues

Since moving into our house in October 2020 my son has had issues playing certain games on Xbox. 

He is saying the ping is too high resulting in lag and 'teleporting' in game.

We were with Sky broadband at our old house and he did not have these issues there.

We are on the 200mbp package, the contract ends in July (our landlord paid for this to save him ending the contract early) so I am considering going back to Sky once this ends if we cannot get the problem sorted.

I'm not massively technical but we have tried changing the router to the 2.4ghz setting but this makes no difference.

I can try with an Ethernet cable but I don't really want this trailing up the hallway to my son's room so if anyone has got any other suggestions I would be really grateful!

The fact that it worked fine with Sky is making me think it's best to just go back to them

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: Xbox ping issues

Going back to Sky or other Openreach based ISP would be recommended for Gaming.

The way cable broadband is connected introduces unstable ping and often latency can increase due to congestion issues.

I've always favored DSL connections like Sky Fibre over Cable Broadband for gaming.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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Re: Xbox ping issues

+1 for above. Cable is not the best for gaming. However you could, and I can't believe I'm typing this, try powerline adapters to get a cabled connection to the Xbox. It may improve it a bit, but it all depends on the state of the house wiring circuits, and they are also hated by radio hams ......
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Re: Xbox ping issues

For comparison, we're on the 200/20 service and I play multiplayer on the Xbox (Xbox One > One X > Series X) a lot and don't have any issues with latency affecting this experience on Wi-Fi (there will always be a certain amount of latency, particularly if the servers or peer-to-peer host are in a different territory). I actually get consistently better ping speeds on Wi-Fi (5 GHz network) than through my AV1200 Powerline adapters. However, I have the Super Hub 2 in modem mode and always use a decent third-party router instead.

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