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Xbox oneguide & VM360 box not connecting

On our wavelength

My Xbox oneguide & VM 360 box are not connecting. I can’t view live TV on the Xbox.

- All cables are correct 🤞 and I’ve tested the source directly to the TV.
- This Xbox does have a HDMI in.
- I’ve not tried another HDMI cable but it is the one that came with the 360 box.

Any suggestions why this won’t connect?



The part highlighted in bold may be the issue. The VM 360 box isn't designed to be passed through to other TV's/equipment. Splitting the feeds can cause issues. 


I thought that it might so as a final check I plugged the 360 direct into the Xbox. Still not working.

Thanks for the help but I think this is a non starter and more a Microsoft issue than VMO2.