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Xbox one Win10 streaming

Hi, i recently bought an Xbox one s (late in the game i know) i am trying to use the stream feature to play on my windows 10 PC. It does connect and i did all the connection test options and they all came back with a green tick for very high and so on. When i play a game it lags like crazy and artifacts as well as sound stutters every 5 seconds making it unplayable. I was running cat5e and recently upgraded to cat7 (overkill i know) but it has not made any difference at all so i know have my pc and xbox connected with cat7 with no improvement at all. I have even tried using wireless was much worse not really a surprise. I tried turning the router off for 5 minutes still the same. So i figured maybe its my firewall, turned that off nope still same. Maybe my anti-virus, again nope still same.


The only thing left that i think it could be is the router itself? or something to do with my connection? or if someone has any other ideas? 

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