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Xbox game chat

Tuning in

My friend and I both recently bought an updated xbox. Party chat is working just fine but he can use game chat and I can't. All game and console settings are the same so thinking it's hub 3.0 issue?  

Any thoughts? Many thanks for any help, really frustrating!


Okay, thank you.

Ah, I have explored those routes.  I was directed here as thoughts on UPnP and port blocking were thrown my way.

I am not techy, so feel free to tell me that's wrong 😊

A detail I shouldn't have left out is that the fault is intermittent.  Sometimes game chat works perfectly, but usually totally dead.

I should also add I bought the new console as I had this problem on the old console.  Nobody else did.  So doesn't appear game or console related, but hub related perhaps?  Sorry, don't want to give an incomplete picture. 


When the XBOX chat works for your friend - detail exactly what happens to stop it working for you ?

1) Do you switch to your a/c and then the chat fails to work ?

2) Is the XBOX being removed and connected to a different internet connection at the friends house ?

3) Is it something else like a different head set is involved etc etc

We load in to the pubg game. He is able to hear and be heard by the other 2 ps4/5 players. I can neither hear or be heard.

We both play at home.  Same xbox and turtle beach head set.  I still had the same fault when we both had the previous model xbox.  I bought the new console as I thought it was the console at fault.

All variables are the same apart from Internet provider.  











Make sure your Virgin Media account has Child Safe Disabled - this blocks most types of conf / chat calls.

If you use DNS & on the XBOX does the chat work for you ?

Has your friend configured Port Forwarding on their internet router & that needs to be replicated on the Hub 3 ?

Yes child safe is disabled.

I tried entering the DNS settings as I read that somewhere. It didn't work.

My friend hasn't done anything to modify settings.  The game works for everyone as standard it appears.

My next thought is to change the port settings on the modem.  But I don't know how or what to enter?  Others did nudge me in that direction but said I should speak to Virgin tech as to how to go about it.

I was warned it could compromise WiFi security but I live in the middle of nowhere so that isn't a concern.