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Xbox Input Delay

I’m having some input delay on my Xbox series X. I use a Ethernet cable (a very long one) which is plugged into my VM Hub 3 and I can also switch my Ethernet cable and plug a smaller one into a Virgin Media Booster set up in my room. I used to use the VM booster with the Ethernet cable and I never had any problems (12-24ms and no input delay) however one day it just started to give me around 30-45 ms and began giving me input delay too.We had an engineer round who said he could try and fix it but he plugged a black plug into the wall and box and it still has this issue. I ran a test a few days ago and im pretty sure there is also 33% packet loss, could this be another issue that could cause this input delay. It happens on all games, COD, fifa, nba 2k21 and Football Manager. Does anybody know how to help?

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