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Xbox Game Pass states "This Region Is Unsupported" in PC Xbox App and Mobile Apps

Joining in

When connected to my Virgin Media Hub 3.0 I'm completely unable to Stream Xbox Game Pass titles via -

- Xbox App for PC (Windows 11)
- Xbox App for Android
- Xbox Game Pass App for Android

The error I get is "This region is unsupported" - These apps seem to believe my home network is not based in the UK for some reason.

I don't use a VPN and the Router has been reset to factory settings.

It streams fine when connected to any other network and via 4g and 5g (GiffGaff Network).

It works via my home Virgin network via Xbox Series X Console and via Edge Browser.

Xbox Support and Microsoft support have spent hours with me trying to solve the issue and have determined the issue is with the network, which my ISP will need me to help solve.

They have suggested I contact my ISP and request the below -

Thanks. Please contact your internet provider and ask them to set a fixed IP for the phones/PC, open the ports described below, disable and enable the UPnP function and disable the modem firewall, if you have a modem and a router the process has to be done on both devices.

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)
Port 500 (UDP)
Port 3544 (UDP)
Port 4500 (UDP)

I don't really know what all that means and I'm not sure I'm wholly confident it will solve my issues but the problem certainly appears to be my Virgin network.

I have factory reset my router with no success.

I have tried to find a way to email Virgin to request the above, but cannot find anything. How do I ask them to do this for me?

Thank you,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @GobTheGhoul 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community Forums. Apologies for the issues that you have been having with your Xbox. As you have stated it has been working via your Xbox Series X Console and via Edge Browser on your home Virgin Network, it does not show as an issue with your internet service provider but isolated to the device itself. 

You may find settings on the the Community Forum that can assist you or on the Xbox forum, please consider that should you alter the settings on the Hub via the 192 method, it could potentially disable other devices. We would advise this link to find a result for your Xbox that works 👉 Xbox game pass.



Use the link below to check where your connection appears to be, we would expect :

ISP = Virgin Media Limited
IPv4  is populated
IPv6 is NOT populated
City is in the right ball park
Country is United Kingdom