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XBOXone DNS Server issue

Tuning in

Can anyone help me please, my sons xbox one randomly disconnected from the WiFi, when I tried to reconnect it I got the error message "DNS isn't resolving xbox server names" I've followed all the steps, reset router and xbox and manually entered DNS settings from my laptop and nothing is working 🤦🏼‍♀️ ive connected it to my phones hotspot (which is currently connected to the wifi and not on mobile data) and that works perfectly fine, so i know that it's not an xbox issue


"it is wireless ( not working )  ,  it does work wired ( different MAC to WiFi ) or connecting to other WiFi"

Has WiFi Pausing / Wireless MAC Filtering been used on this Hub ?

Login to the Hub's menus and check in both ( the VM Connect app is too unreliable for this )

1) Wireless >>> Security >>> Wireless MAC filtering

2) Security >>> MAC Filtering >>> MAC filter list

Tuning in

Anyone find a resolution to this please? Tried all of the above suggestions

Hi @Doodles04 thanks for your post here although we're sorry you're still having issues.

Can you confirm please if this works via a wired connection?

Many thanks