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Wired into the router and still have ping issues

Whilst being plugged directly into the router we have constant ping spikes making online gaming impossible! The ping can jump into the thousands - we are paying for 350mbps download speed whilst running speed tests regularly


we have yet to hit over 125! We have contacted multiple times and had to put complaints in! We have had no offer to have an engineer to come out and have a look, paying for a speed we are not getting, it is unbearable! We now have an ofcom complaint with them! Virgin are supposed to offer the best internet but over the past 2 years it has been shocking! 

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Re: Wired into the router and still have ping issues

Join the club, they have over subscribed, to many customers and with people now working from home etc they cant handle the demand, customer services are a joke, reset this press that, i have the broadband just for gaming and cannot play at all for the lag its madness, i play on pc through ethernet but they keep going on and on abbout wi-fi, then they say theres an issue in the area (4 weeks they said that) and to top this they are putting the prices up in march to improve there network, change ISP if you can.