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Will BQM on laptop (wifi) help address issues on my Xbox (hardwired)?

I'm looking to address an issue with high ping on my Xbox.  It varies wildly from under 25ms to 91ms.  

Will running a BQM on my laptop (Macbook connected to wifi) help identify issues with the Xbox (hardwired)?

I ran two speed tests on the laptop.  One said 38ms and the other 42ms.


For what it's worth, my download speed is meant to be 100Mbps max, yet the speed test showed at 111Mbps.  

While this seems great on the face of it, could it also be a bad sign?

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Re: Will BQM on laptop (wifi) help address issues on my Xbox (hardwired)?

The speed of VM packages is usually 10% ahead of the "headline" value, so that's a good sign.  Regarding the BQM, that won't be affected by a wireless connection, because it is testing the connection between Thinkbroadband's servers and your hub, and is a really good tool - set one up, let it run for 24-48 hours see what it says.  Your domestic wifi doesn't have any part in the BQM testing, so that's good.

As some guidance, your minimum latency on a VM cable connection (ignoring wifi) will be about 17-23ms.  Your average latency will be about 19-25ms, and you'll have peaks from 30-50ms on a good connection, 30-70 on a mediocre connection.  And although the BQM doesn't show it, you need to allow for your wifi latency - in my case that seems to add about 13ms average.  Openreach connections tend to a be a tiny bit better (say 4ms lower minimum and average, and vastly lower peaking).

But in all of this, remember that your screen to mouse to server round trip time is around 250ms.


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