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Weird High ping in games

Hello I have problems with my ping when I am playing games for example valorant 

So when I am playing I have high ping for like 5 seconds then after 5 sec its okay for like 30 seconds and again and when I am looking on my ping in the game I have 45 so its okay but I am lagging anyway and when I told my friend to look my ping he is saying i have like 150 ping but on my screen is 45 for example I am playing valorant with my girlfriend in 1 room on the same internet and on my screen is showing that i have 40/45/50 ping on her screen I have 150 ping and its same to all devices

Look at this screenshot I have 45 ping my girlfiend have 144 ping and we are playing on the same internet but I have still lags on 45 ping thats sooooooo weird 

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