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Warzone via PC wont find lobbies

Joining in

So we recently upgraded from PS5 to PC to play warzone, its important to note that we have had no issues with connectivity with pS5 with Nat types or getting into lobbies.


Since purchasing the PC which well exceeds specfications, i am upable to get into any matches online, heres what i have tried so far whcih hasnt worked

 - updated all drivers for the PC

- Set up portforwarding and a static IP whcih did change NAT type to open but still not finding a match

- used both Battlenet and Steam versions of games and complted their internal scan and repair to check game stability and faults

- used the VPN settings via Norton 

- allowed Warzone on windows fire wall

Now when i have called technical support in the past with my previous supplier (BT) they have set up port forwarding etc themselves free of charge, Virgin want to charge me to do what I have already done.  I have contacted activison nad folowed their instructions as per the above and they have said to contact my ISP.


any ideas what else to try other than just sending the PC back!!


Joining in

hi GeekyPastimes

I've just moved on to PC gaming from console (which I have no problems with getting matches even when cross play turned on etc) can you confirm if you just connected straight into the router with a cable or did you have to mess about with the router settings?

I tried using plug and play settings which didn't work so then port forwarding, also created a static IP address and other than changing Nat type to open from moderate i still cant get into a lobby regardless if this is battle net version or steam.  ive updated drivers, checked game stability etc and nothing has worked.  i'm definitely not shadow banned etc as this works perfectly on the same activison account on PS5 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MrsPav46 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us, and welcome to the Community Forums. Apologies for the issues that you have had with Warzone, as you have it on PS5 and facing not issues with lobbies, it would suggest the issue resides within the PC. Have you looked into the Warzone forums to see if there are any like minded on there who have had the same issue?


Alessandro Volta

Use the hub in modem mode with your PC