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WIFI Diconnecting from XBOX1

I have been with VM about a month now and during that time my sons XBOX1 continually disconnects and lags, this is causing great frustration. I have phoned customer services on numerous occasions but they just go through the same routine checks etc. I see on this forum an update from Virgin was done at the end of September but obviously this has not helped. Does anybody out there know a fix, I cant wire directly into the XBOX as that is upstairs the router is downstairs 

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Re: WIFI Diconnecting from XBOX1

you have some options

1: Buy a long cable and run it outside like a TV Ariel cable (In protected casing) straight to the room where the xbox is.

2: Buy a long cable and run it to your loft area (install a network switch which can connect up to 10 cables or more) doesn't improve wifi but does give the option to make upstairs easy to cable all devices.

3: Buy a long cable and run it to your loft area - instead of buying a network switch buy a third party router to extend wifi coverage.

4: Buy some power-line adapters (they use in-house electric circuits) not so drastic as the above.

5: Buy a third party router & put the hub into modem mode

Vivid 350 | Hub 3 modem mode | Asus RT-AC86U (Stock-Firmware)
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