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Variable latency/drastic ping spikes over ethernet

Hey for the past few weeks/months my latency seems to spike drastically randomly over Ethernet and wifi alike. Playing (on Ethernet) League of Legends it'll sit at 25-50ms as standard but occasionally shoot up to 150+ for either a few seconds but it can last entire games, in a game today it went higher than 350ms for a few minutes during a game. The issue is also obvious in Rocket League where I'll be around 20ms and then it'll spike with the flashing 'latency variation' message. I'm unsure what causes it but it ruins games. This has happened so many times where I ring them up and they fix it for a few months and then I have to ring them up to get them to fix it once again. I factory reset it etc already as I know that's what they'll tell me to do over the phone anyway.


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Re: Variable latency/drastic ping spikes over ethernet

Perhaps you already know the answers.  Look at the BQM.  Why might it be, by DOCSIS standards, really good between half midnight and half eight?  And during "waking hours" it is really poor?

A search on the expression "over-utilisation" may be informative, but it probably won't come as a welcome answer.My stock reply:The BQM shows a typical over-utilisation pattern - you see how it's very poor during normal waking hours, and then peachy from about half past midnight to 9 am? Shows that the network and your hub are working perfectly when there isn't too much traffic. You can choose to believe whether this is Covid related, or whether VM simply sell contracts until (and indeed after) the local network is at capacity, but the outcome is the same for now.

Of late we've had a further lockdown, and the start of the 2020 game and console release cycle, both of which have driven traffic up hugely.  If the over-utilisation started suddenly in the past week or two, there's a hope that it will fade away when those influences decline, and my advice is to wait and see for a month or two, even if that's really inconvenient.  If the problem's longer standing then the potential remedy is to get a new ISP.  But if you go down new ISP route, check if you're liable for any VM early termination fees because you're in a fixed term contract, and make sure you speak to a competent ISP (AAISP, uno, Aquiss, IDNet, CIX, Zen Internet) to establish your expected speed and whether there's any existing contention (over-utilisation) issues on the Openreach network around you.  Failure to do the first could land you with a big bill, failure to do the second could mean you jump ship and find the situation is no better, but your broadband is slower. 

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