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Unusable for gaming

Tuning in

Hi my broadband is unusable for gaming after 6pm please see attached graph this seems to be a common theme looking at other posts

Hi Matthew thanks for your reply ,

I have re-booted my hub & 3rd party router since installing it

i have played games in modem mode and still getting big spikes of lag

as you can see from the graphs below its most of the day now this lag issue started about 2 months ago.

my DL & UL speeds are always about the same.





Hi marcdarlo,

Thanks for letting us know, and thank you for providing the graphs. Unfortunately, because your router is currently in Modem Mode and connected to a 3rd-Party Router, we aren't able to perform any further diagnostics. Can you please leave your Super Hub in Router Mode and let us know when you've done this so we can diagnose the issue further?

Just to confirm as well, are you experiencing any issues on any other service or site after 6pm?



Reece - Forum Team

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