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Unusable Internet

I need help, Since getting connected to virgin i have been unable to use the service for what i bought it for, this is esspecially egregous right now. and since i was unable to get in contact directly with a VM representative now i am terrified that i am going to be stuck with this contract for this unusable product, all i want to do now is move back to my previous supplier since while slow speeds i could actually use that service. Cant get through on the phone at all. 

[MOD EDIT: Image removed]

This is the last 24 hrs of my thinkbroadband monitor. 

How do i get out of this contract without being penalised for VM not answering the phone to me.

If anyone can help. Please let me know, am getting desperate.

spent an hour on hold trying to get through only to have the line closed while supposedly being transferred,  This is ridiculous. 

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Re: Unusable Internet

I’d suggest cropping your public IP address out of this broadband monitor buddy 👍🏼