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Unstable upload speed causing issues whilst I stream to twitch


during lockdown, I've turned my hand at streaming myself playing games. The main issue I seem to be facing is frame drops, where views are experiencing the image freezing for a few seconds before carrying on, and then about 10-15 seconds later it does the same again. I've tried turning down the streaming bitrate, FPS and resolution but it still occurs. I monitored the internet upload speed whilst playing and noticed regular dips to 0mbs whilst playing. 

I tested my internet upload speed using (As it shows the quality of the connection) and sure enough, there are regular dips. I am plugged in via Ethernet but have also tried it with a WIFI dongle with the same results. I have switched the router on and off but with no effect. Is the router on its way out or is there an issue in my area? 

Innes upload.jpg

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