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Unplayable online, Ping spikes, months of issues.


Another post about high ping, lag spikes and lost of connection.

I have had months of terrible internet quality, I originally posted on the 22-05-2020 about erratic ping spikes and packet loss, which i was told "congestion issue in your area that was discovered on 28th May and the estimated fix time for this is 2nd June @10am" Then nothing changed.

Then was told "the estimated fix date for the SNR issue has changed to the 15th June." again nothing, told again "Unfortunately with the outage has still not been cleared and the estimated fix time is 22/07" 

It still hasn't been fixed. I'm guessing the only real fix is by leaving. 

Here is my BQM


 Many thanks


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Re: Unplayable online, Ping spikes, months of issues.

I regret to say that you're correct, the only reliable fix is a change of ISP.

Adapted from my stock reply:The BQM shows a typical over-utilisation pattern - you see how it's very poor during normal waking hours, and then peachy from about half past midnight to 9 am? Shows that the network and your hub are working perfectly when there isn't too much traffic. You can choose to believe whether this is Covid related, or whether VM simply sell contracts until (and indeed after) the local network is at capacity, but the outcome is the same for now.

Nothing you can do to improve matters. In some areas VM do indeed undertake work to rejig the local networks to balance loads and eliminate over-utilisation. But sometimes that's either not possible, or judged uneconomic if there's a need to spend money on more equipment. And sadly VM won't ever admit the truth, so there will be a fault reference and a "fix date", but there's no way of knowing if that fix date is actually backed by an actual plan of action and programme of works. Quite often it seems not, and as the fix date approaches it is simply moved a month or two ahead.

Your options:

1) Sit it out, and hope that VM do carry out improvement works, and accept that maybe the will, maybe they won't but either way any quoted fix date is probably a date plucked out of somebody's fundament..

2) Get yourself a new ISP.

If you're in a fixed term contract you'll probably have to use the VM complaints process (and possibly need to escalate for arbitration at CISAS ) to be released from contract without penalty. If you need to do this, the grounds of your complaint is the poor performance, and your request for release from contract without penalty is based on the following elements: First the Consumer Rights Act 2015 that requires any consumer service to be provided with "reasonable skill and care", and second, the Ofcom Fairness Commitments that VM have signed up to, that state "Customers’ services work as promised, reliably over time. If things go wrong providers give a prompt response to fix problems and take appropriate action to help their customers, which may include providing compensation where relevant. If providers can’t fix problems with core services they have promised to deliver within a reasonable period, customers can walk away from their contract with no penalty."

If you do decide to head for another ISP, at least give serious consideration to the smaller, customer-focused ISPs on the top right of this page, rather than the marketing-obsessed mega-corporations.  I've had fab experience dealing with Zen Internet on behalf of elderly relatives, but they may or may not be the choice for you.   And whoever you choose, read customer reviews on ISPReview and Trustpilot before signing.  There's nothing wrong with taking a cheap as chips deal from a company with an appalling record, so long as you know and accept that when you enter the contract.

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