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Troubleshooter says Wifi Interference but both PC's are on Ethernet connection with no wifi capabilities.

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We have 2 gaming PC's on separate Ethernet connections straight from the router.

Our speedtest are fine, pings are fine however we are having large packet loss spikes while playing PUBG.

This is happening on both PC's at the same time which will cause rubber banding or a disconnection sign all together.

What we have tried so far:

  • Once PC at a time
  • PC's in difference lobbies (still get exact same spikes in time on difference lobbies)
  • Moves ethernet cables to difference ports
  • full factory reset
  • ipconfig reset, renew, DNS flush
  • All of virgin medias troubleshooters multiple times
  • Set DNS locally to & on a single PC (no change)

    Virgin troubleshooters say wifi interference but neither have wifi capabilities and are wired. It is also showing issues with 6 devices on our network.

    All other devices working fine, Cameras, alexa, TV, Phones etc.
    Problem started yesterday morning and isn't going away. Stuck on hold for ages.. any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Create a BQM here and post the live link.

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You're not alone. I've been seeing network lag/packet loss issues in PUBG since Friday night.

Hi, I made one yesterday

seems only time the packet loss was shown is when we reset the router or did Virgin media's tests. Doing a pin hole reset at the moment to see if that works


Tuning in

Just to add an update we saw some twitter comments and other forum posts about trying a VPN. We have done this and the game is playable now. We do however have higher pings avg 60 up to 200 when it spikes, but it's playable. Before we were just getting 1-2 second delays with game stops & reconnect notifications. I don't know why this solution works but it does..

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Yeah getting the exact same trying to play R6 Siege, rubber banding every 15 seconds

On our wavelength

Quite a few people seem to be seeing the same. I too have been having issues since at least Friday with lag spikes and packet loss.

There's a few threads now:

As you're finding, I created a BQM and it's not showing the issue but within a few seconds of joining certain FPS games it becomes obvious there is an issue.

A few other people in the community I'm in are also on VM and the spikes happen to them at exactly the same time (we're on discord together so every time we had it we called it out and everyone on VM had the issue at the same time).

Have called up their support number, although the agent was really understanding and was a gamer themselves they couldn't work out what the issue was. I can only recommend you raise a fault, I'm hoping the more people that report it the more chance of it flagging their side to look into.

Hopefully we can get it sorted, crazy that multiple people on your end not on the same network are getting the same issue. It's very noticeable - we're sat in the same room and can see it happening at exactly the same time in completely different game lobbies.

I did raise a call today and they told me to pin reset and call again in 24 hours as they wouldn't deal with a fault otherwise..Will be ringing first thing tomorrow if it's still an issue as so far it's made no difference. Only thing working for us is a VPN. We picked up a deal on nord VPN using it on UK servers and are games are playable. even managed a few chicken dinners in pubg!

Having to spend additional money to fix the problem in the interim is such a poor solution, quite poor that Virgin media can;t offer any other advice than "wait it out"

On our wavelength

Updated: A Microsoft engineer has posted here -

They have confirmed there are issues and are escalating internally to try and get traction on resolution -

On our wavelength

Received a DM from the ModTeam ~35 minutes ago saying the issues should be resolved. I've been able to test PUBG and some other services and it seems to have resolved the poor experiences I was seeing. Might be worth checking to confirm you're all able to access it now.
Thanks also goes out to CoolNerdDude  for helping raise the issue at Microsoft.