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Superhub upgrade needed

On our wavelength

Hello all,

I am hoping that someone on here can help. We have a full virgin media set up (biggest TV bundle) and pay a significant amount per month for the package. Our internet is M350. I have the superhub 3.

I’m a gamer and compete weekly, however, the packet loss I am experiencing is extremely frustrating. I have followed suggestions on this forum and have both my gaming PC and Xbox wired directly to the hub. 

I’ve seen many forum posts and YouTube videos saying the hub3 is a significant issue for other gamers. I would like to upgrade to the superhub 5 as I am now at the stage of either doing this or changing ISP. 

I have tried to get help on the phone, but, it’s proving difficult to get the support required. 

Many thanks in advance.



I think you might be right. I’d like see if a technician can help, even if they can check and test a new hub. If no luck, I guess I’ll have to look at options re ISP’s. Or, take up golf instead of gaming 😂

Thanks again! 

Take up clay pigeon shooting.

The addictive noise of a 12 gauge, the recoil, the mental challenge - FPS games will soon be yesterday's news

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Professor200,

Thanks for the updates and welcome back to the community.

Currently I can't see any readings that would attribute to the problems you're facing, how is the service since posting?

Also I take it wired devices are also affected?



Hi Kain,

Thank you for posting.

The gaming PC and Xbox are both wired in. Direct to the router, CAT6a cables. Unfortunately, I’m still having issues. I’m in the process of looking at alternative provider options. 

I tried to get through to VM on the phone this morning and it’s an impossible task. I’ve certainly tried my best to stay with VM. 

Thanks for the update @Professor200, I have checked things on our end and everything seems to be in spec.

It would be worth running through some further checks with you though so we can help to get the issue resolved. I'll send you a PM so this can be done.



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