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Super Hub 5 Spiking Unstable Latency on Upstream

On our wavelength


Experienced a couple of months of stable latency 20 - 40ms after Tech visit following posting back in June

The issue returned 3 - 4 weeks ago and before the 10th of October was notified that works would be undertaken in my area on that day. Hoped it would rectify the spiking latency.

Speed Analysis Test.jpg



Could someone look into this to see if anything could be done to fix this issue?

Upstream channel status:


Thank you.


Alessandro Volta

The hub has bufferbloat when ma out your speed get your own QoS/BWM router limit - 0.9Mb of your upload speed and -10Mb download.


Hi Alessandro,

Would you explain a little more what you mean about the Hub and bufferbloat.

I'd appreciate it, thanks.

I have a router with QoS/BWM and when used for COD then I am lagged completely out the game because I believe their AI or match matching system recognises somehow the provisioned bandwidth. So as an example, when I have set my download and upload speed using QoS at 15Mb and 10Mb respectively, in game online in Settings, Options and under Account the Bandwidth shown always states circa 400Mb and even at 15Mb and 10Mb the lag is noticeable.

Maybe it is my ASUS router - RT-N66U -  because I have found when using the QoS it creates a marginal bottleneck affecting upload speed, i.e. I can set upload to 40MB and Download to 10Mb, upload will always be effectively less, therefore will end up less than 10Mb.



(N.B. In relation to the issue I am experiencing I am only connected via the Super Hub 5)

Are you using firmware other then Asus?

In ASUS use Traditional QoS

If you have other firmware use SFQ

bufferbloat is where packets are buffered longer then needed or a single buffer for all packets.  

Try 100Mb down and 30Mb up limits I'm guessing your on M350? doing limits at your router only apply when the bandwidth in the area is good if under load and speed is less then what you set you buffer. 

I know Zyxel by default (and is wrong) allows small TCP ack to bypass the rate limiter but they added the setting back (the right way it should be done) where the rate limit for all packets is at the set limit to be QoS/BWM because if you download only its fine or upload its fine but both the default would have gone over your set limit and then buffer in the hub non-QoS/BWM buffer. 


Hi Legacy1,

Got your name wrong on previous reply, apologies for that.

Thank you for explaining bufferbloat.

I will try your suggestion of 100Mb down and 30Mb up.

Thank you for helping out.

@Area22_Customer wrote:

Hi Legacy1,

Got your name wrong on previous reply, apologies for that.

Yes well its not my name in the first place just VM way of ranking users on the forum  

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