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Strong Signal yet fluctuating ping and connections to servers

Hi everbody...

upgraded a couple of weeks ago to a Hub4 and since then, having really bad problems gaming. Streaming Netflix, Amazon, YouTube isnt an issue, just gaming.

Speedtest is consistently above 105 Mbps

Playing Apex or fortnite on Xbox One S (wireless) is very laggy.

Playing PUBG mobile on a Samsung S10 is virtually impossible. Usually have a very good signal strength but ping can go from 20 to 120 within a second and it loses connection with the server.

The Hub 4 was getting very hot - an IR thermometer was regularly putting the temperature between 40 and 45 Celsius. Thought this may have been an issue so have raised it off the ground by an inch or so with a lego frame! But still getting the same issues.

this is the Broadband Quality Monitor live graph


any thoughts or ideas on how to start enjoying gaming again?


thanks in advance.

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