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Star Trek Online Issues

Up to speed

Anybody else here play Star Trek Online having any troubles?  Connecting to patcher this week seems to be taking forever and massive lag when entering character and map changes but ends up smoothing out but today I can barely sign in.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @alphaomega16,
Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with playing Star Trek online, how has this been since your post? Are you having any other issues with other games or devices?


Other games are fine its just this one, ive asked other players and they seem fine so I thought id ask here to see if any other VM users were also playing, it seems to be when attempting to log in and then loading a character/switching maps, its not constant and doesn't happen every time.

The latency seems to go up quite rapidly for 5-10s then falls and im back to under 100 latency, on one occasion it timed out after entering my password on the launcher and then it trying to connect to servers.

I have always had trouble with this game for years but nothing quite like this, been going on for years with lag spikes/latency etc etc and I just keep getting told everything is fine by everyone saying it must be my computer.

Up to speed

Here is the issue I am having, even trying to log in I got idle timeout after entering login details, second attempt the launcher couldnt even connect to load up, third time I managed to get in and this happens frequently but with no consistency


This is the only game ive had trouble with for years now but nobody else seems to have when I ask ingame or on the reddit discord from people all over including the UK which is why I was asking if anybody that was with VM was having this issue incase it was a routing issue of some sort or anything happening between VM and connecting to game servers.