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Rubbish wifi, 20% packet loss (again)

Joining in

So i made a post about my wifi being terrible so a virigin media support team came to me to get a replacement on my hub, this was great as it fixed the wifi for a week....till it stopped. So i have came to a conclusion this is the fault of virgin as predicted. Idk why it is neccesary for someone to suffer so much from internet that is equivalent to that in a third world country. I dont see why i should be paying money for something that isnt any good. The engineer that came to our house to fix the wifi told us to get a signal booster which is an extra cost of 5gbp per month on top of my already expensive contract. 


Alessandro Volta

If you want the full speed you are paying for, with minimum latency you will need to use a wired connection to the Hub. WiFi is always a compromise and the performance is not guaranteed.

The VM Pod might improve things but there are better ways of boosting WiFi.