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Rubber Banding and Latency Issues Online


Between March 2020 and December 2020 I had no issues at all with internet or connection whilst gaming on my PC. The last 2 months everything has become unplayable online. Since I am restricted to my own house in Lockdown this is even more frustrating. My ping is usually quite low 10-40ms (according to speed tests etc.) but I get severe 'rubber banding' constantly.

This is a link to my live BQM

 I am the only device connected in the entire house, connected via network cable from my NetGear booster. This setup hasn't changed at all in the last few years but like I mentioned the issue has only just occurred in the last 2 months.

Upload and Download speeds are always quite high and steady throughout the day.

If anyone has any ideas or could help that would be appreciated

Many Thanks


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Re: Rubber Banding and Latency Issues Online

Your BQM shows a typical over-utilisation footprint.  Nothing that VM can do about it technically, made rather worse by a reluctance to be transparent about the problem, which affects many customers.  The underlying cause is almost certainly the vastly higher use of upstream bandwidth during lockdown, when that's lifted there a very good chance that things will improve.  If you've got a good mobile signal you may find that gaming via a mobile phone hotspot is better, and helps while away the time until lockdown is lifted, but obviously keep an eye on your data usage versus your plan.

You could get an Openreach connection, but that's usually slower, may take time to arrange, there may be complications if you're in a fixed term contract with VM, and with us hopefully in sight of a return of schools and offices it may be a bad time to jump ship unless there's other factors like price or customer service that drive a decision.

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