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Fibre optic
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Re: Relying on dependable internet for my Salary!

Yeah reading on another post where a forum member was asking about gaming performance etc... on the business line, and they noted that the sales person also stated that business uses higher cabling and that they'd be rerunning cable as the existing cabling had been there a number of years.

I guess I can only put the use of a consumer cable into a business down to the last part of what you've said that it was in an area that had had it a while, where as around my way its probably likely that because VM have only been this far down my hill about 3 years that that's why and that when I signed up I had to get my neighbours to sign off and allow Virgin to dig up and re-lay the garden to put the cable in that where I live it is installed on a per order basis, as opposed to just passing all the house in a road and leaving the last part of an install as a quick job the engineer does when they turn up?
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