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Recent Xbox Live Instability

I have a VM Business connection, which is rock solid at 385Mb down and 20Mb up.  I have the standard business Hitron CGNV4 router, set to modem mode, wired to a NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000P router, which handles all routing and DHCP work.  The router has a wired connection to a Netgear Gigabit Switch, which then has a wired connection to my Xbox.

Recently, I've been struggling with connections to Xbox Live.  I only routinely play Destiny, and I've been getting connection errors, and "contacting servers..." messages, plus significant lag rendering some activities unplayable.  During the bursts of lag, I also have Xbox Live party chat break up and glitch, making me think its an issue with connecting to Xbox Live, not specifically the Destiny game servers.

If I switch the Xbox off, I can happily stream 4K TV to my Amazon Fire Stick with no glitches or issues at all, so the general connection appears to be fine.

My Xbox is in the DMZ, NAT is open, and all the usual things look good.  Bizarrely, when I do a network stat check through the Xbox, it frequently reports higher download speeds than I actually have; Speedtests through the router's firmware top out at 385Mb, but Xbox Live sometimes reports 440Mb or higher.

It looks like I've either got an issue with the router handling traffic to XBL, or a problem with Virgin itself; so I thought it was worth asking if anyone has anything similar?

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Recent Xbox Live Instability


The best place for business support is this forum is for Consumer support, looking at what you have done everything has been done that is possible.

Regards Mike

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Recent Xbox Live Instability

Xbox live has had a lot of issues recently with service and performance issues

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