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Ps4 speed test all over the place

I have my ps4 on a ethernet about a foot away from my ps4 console now I know Sony have put a cap on download speeds but I've just done a speed test on my console and it's around the 45mb mark which Is very low for my speeds it even went as low as 19 then shot up to 300. Where's the consistency with these speeds virgin? I'm paying 42 pounds a month for a 350mb package.

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Re: Ps4 speed test all over the place


A PS4 is not an accurate way of testing BB speeds 

You would get a more accurate result being hardwired into a PC or Laptop  These need to be capable of the speeds you pay for  

I would even suggest that a decent smartphone would give you a more consistent measurement of speed  


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Re: Ps4 speed test all over the place

How will any ISP give consistant speeds if you measure it to a junk server with bandwidth throttled, on a device with unkown bandwidth?

Measure it properly- wired test CAT5E cable or better, , directly to the HUB, WiFi ,a device KNOWN to have a Gbps NIC.

That way youll KNOW if its consistent or not.


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Re: Ps4 speed test all over the place

NEVER NEVER NEVER use the PS4 test as a guide line for Speeds. Always use a PC on wired for best way.

Even if your PC says your getting 384Mbs, a PS4 will show your getting 10Mbs, its been like this for years.

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