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Ps4 Not connecting

Joining in

Hi we recently got a new WiFi modem and told it would be faster WiFi (which isn't the case) 

Our previous WiFi worked just fine but since getting the new modem it won't connect to the PlayStation network or TV.

It seems to work OK on other devices.

Any help 



Is it that

1) the PlayStation and the TV do not see a WiFi signal from the new Hub ?

2)  the PS and TV connect to the Hub's SSID/Password and then do not gain internet access ?  

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi kevkd4


Sorry to hear of the problems connecting your console to your wireless network, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


It's been a few days since your post, is this something you still require assistance with? You mentioned a Wi-Fi modem, is this third party with your Virgin Media Hub in modem mode?


If other devices are connected fine, we'd double check the details used to log in.



Joining in

hi everyone i am new here but i went live today and like everyone here i experienced the same/ similar issues and i think most of the problems experienced by us all revolves around the dns primary and secondary servers so if you setup custom and accept the first box until you hit the server settings and in primary type and in secondary type and accept the rest it should now allow you to access the internet again on ps4. i am hoping this helps everyone.