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Port 53 on the superhub 3

hello all.

Set my hub 3 up with only one issue at the moment. I'm opening all ports for xbox live as I require them for online gaming, one of the ports is 53. But the hub 3 wont let me open 53. Why will it not let me do this? Any help would be appreciated. Why is it reserved and how do I unreserve it for xbox live? 

See image 



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Re: Port 53 on the superhub 3


Port 53 doesn't need to be opened up as it is DNS if you port forward that port it will stop your internet on everything, so don't worry about that one.


That port only has to be open outward and it is by default.


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Re: Port 53 on the superhub 3

Port 53 is used for DNS queries so if you were able to forward it to one device then all your other devices would be unable to lookup web addresses.

Some better advice on Xbox port forwarding here:

EDIT - Beaten to the punch as my iPad kept deleting my post when I switched tabs, can't believe it took me 10 minutes 😒


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